Monday, January 7, 2008

Where the heck have I gone?

OK, Thanksgiving? Seriously, how pathetic is that? I couldn't have posted once between Thanksgiving and New Years? I don't have any good excuse either. I was just selfishly absorbed elsewhere and now we're getting ready to move next month. I hope you had a nice holiday and happy new year to you!

I was trying to make some goals for myself for 2008. I'm sure some of these will sound run of the mill, but nevertheless, here they are:

1. Create More. - In our new house I will have my own studio! I'm so excited, it's big, has a large workbench and it's all MINE! Oh and it has windows! I'm thrilled to finally have my own room!

2. Promote Myself / Sell More. - I will finally follow through on selling jewelry to people I know who have been asking to see more of what I do. I also want to list more on Etsy.

3. Lose at least 30 lbs. - I would like to get a bit more healthier this year!

4. Be more organized. - How I desperately need this!

5. Practice more random acts of kindness.

6. Stay in touch better with family and friends. - I'm horrible at sending cards and returning calls, this year will be DIFFERENT!

7. Last but not least... Blog More! - I need to be more confident in writing.


Heather said...

Are you moving locally?

Alicia G. said...

Yes, we're just moving a few miles away. I'm glad we're not moving far, but packing to move such a short distance seems a little silly! The good news is that I'll have my own studio in the new house.