Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow and Packing

It finally snowed yesterday. We only got an inch that didn't stick much to the concrete, but there was enough in the grass to make a few tiny snowballs. Our neighbor's kids made a snowman. There hasn't been much creativity lately since I'm mostly packing and keeping up with my normal household stuff. I did send in a batch of ClinkIts pendants and necklaces for the February Sampler. So keep an eye on the gallery over there for a photo of what I submitted. There will also be a few of those necklaces on my website for sale early next week.

Another thought on packing all of my craft stuff. Can I just tell you that I'm slightly embarrassed at the amount of stuff I've collected? I know in the new house my studio will have room to really organize it all. There are so many things that I want to make that I just haven't because I can't easily find the supplies I've bought. I'm anxious for a fresh start on having a more organized home. The first step I've taken to doing that is to make sure what I don't need doesn't make the move. I've been taking lots of stuff to Goodwill, listing stuff on eBay, listing stuff on Craigs List, and giving stuff away. I have a month left to get it all done and I'm making good progress.

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