Friday, September 7, 2007

Where did I go?

I had all of the best intentions of posting while I was on my vacation, but somehow I just didn't want to be on the computer. I spent nearly a week (without kids) with my husband on Galveston Island. It was nice to go to the beach and spend the afternoon relaxing and watching a movie. I did not find any good beach glass, which was a bit of a disappointment. I suppose I might have had better luck on a beach in a less public area. I did find some great shells, though.

The week before I left down my ClinkIts store ( crashed. I have now made a temporary site which should hold me over until I decide if I'm going to put the old one back up or not. PayPal has a great shopping cart now, and I think I would do better using their interface. If you have no idea what a ClinkIt is, see photo below.

I am also making some samples for The Sampler. If you have not visited this site and participated, I suggest you do! It's way cool and a great idea to get your name out there if you are selling handmade things! I submitted stuff for the August Sampler. Scroll down a bit on that page to see what I submitted. The new submissions will be wire wrapped ClinkIts pendants. Photo coming soon! Other than that, back to the normal routine here.

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