Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who I am NOT (The blogger quoted at SXSW).

I recently received a comment at my old blog address,  The comment mentioned a BBC article written about SXSW and a self proclaimed “geeky mom” named Kim who was quoted as saying "thankless, horrible, awful job that nobody should actually have to do for free - but we do. So blogging is our outlet."  I am not the person quoted in this article and it somewhat saddened at the fact that someone would actually feel this way about being a mother.  Perhaps she could learn a few things from Dr. Laura.  While I disagree with how Kim felt when intereviewed for that BBC article and I did agree with some of the things the comment on my blog said, I did figure one thing out.  Please make sure you are commenting on the right person’s blog before you say anything, especially if it’s a tad on the rant-ish side.  It just makes for good netiquette.

Also, I do believe moms are underappreciated a lot.  So take the time to say ‘thanks’ to your mom or the mother of your children, it’ll make any mom’s day!

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