Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love felt flowers.

I'm so crazy about making felt flowers. I have bought pre-made felt flowers, but nothing is as fun as using my Sizzix to cut my own. My 3 year old daughter loves helping me. She likes to peel the cut flowers off the mat after we take it out of the Sizzix. I have a big stack of felt that needs to be cut. Most of these flowers will wind up as hair accessories or pins for my etsy shop, some plain cut flowers will also go over there.

All of the felt I have now is the acrylic type, although I've seen some wool and wool blend types on etsy that I think I may treat myself to in the future.

I have been making some jewerly and I will take photos as soon as I can get a nice day to be out on the deck. I want one of those photo light tents so I can take nicer photos of my stuff. Although I did see a 'nearly' free diy light box with instructions here.

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