Thursday, April 3, 2008

An AMAZING piece of Polymer Clay Jewelry

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This is one of the most amazing polymer clay pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. It's so lush and gorgeous. It's made by Kotomi Jewelry of London. I feel so inspired by this piece and if this piece doesn't inspire you, one of the many other gorgeous pieces at her Flickr page will.

On a side note, I am a fan of 'The Tudors.' The new episodes have just begun for this season and I love the jewelry in this show. I used to make sets of jewelry for brides and bride's maids, and one design I made after seeing 'Shakespeare in Love', was always popular. Though I still love the design, after doing four sets of 10 in one month, I did get burned out. It's been several years since that, so perhaps it's time to resurrect the design. We'll see...

Hope you're having a good day!

If you are looking for some polymer clay, below is a search from eBay.

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