Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been tagged, twice!

I was recently tagged by my friend Heather to post 7 wierd things about myself. Before I got a chance to do that I was tagged by my friend Melanie to post 10 things. Since 10 is greater I figure I can kill two tags with one post.

1. Sometimes I stay up late at night after everybody's asleep not really to watch TV, but to just be by myself, not getting anybody anything or talking to anyone.

2. If there are magazines in the bathroom with people on the cover, I absolutely have to flip them over before using the bathroom. I can't stand photos staring at me when I'm in there.

3. I have to clean my feet with cold water before going to bed.

4. I drive past my house at least two times to make sure I closed the garage door. (It's only ever been left open once.)

5. I like to eat a bowl of lima beans with spaghetti sauce on them.

6. I have OCD and it has nothing to do with having a sparkling clean organized house.

7. I love songs from The Backyardigans, Music for Aardvarks, and The Laurie Berkner Band. I like them better than my kids do.

8. I listen to talk radio and watch The Weather Channel way too much.

9. I like to eat Nesquik powder by the spoonful.

10. I'm totally hooked on the show "Cash and Treasures" and I can't wait to go gem hunting when I get a chance!

I'm going to tag a few people:



Lucy Skywalker said...

Cool Alicia. Very fancy tech tagging.

Heather said...

Very interesting!